About Us

Gyaanकेंद्र | http://www.gyaankendra.com is a platform where we post all the details about Specific Course,  Schools,Colleges, and Universities, Examinations, etc so that you all get all the perfect information to you and makes u easy to choose a good college and university and can also choose best course for your career and all the information about different examinations..

Here we post Articles basically contains:- 

  • Colleges related articles which contains all the information about colleges and list of best college for a specific field..
  • Courses related articles which helps students to know more about their career options and courses it makes the student easier to choose a better career options.
  • Universiy contains the list of best universities and detailed informations about that particular universitiy
  • Examinations in this we post the Examinations that takes place in india we mention each and every detail about that particular exam and update user with the date of ecaminations also
  • Schools these tags contain the best schools and their details like fees,ranking etc,

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